Web Design

Miscelaneous Web Projects

Designing web sites has become quite easy and rewarding using WordPress themed templates. There are thousands of themes to choose from and by designing the user interface with a theme in mind allows all the design elements to be imported and manipulated quite easily without any coding requirement. However when desired custom coding can be easily integrated in the back end. I work with developers who are proficient in CSS and HTML for any customization of the theme. Most themes are responsive and allow for optimized viewing on the mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  1. quipsafe.com
  2. dimensionaldynamics.com
  3. plcprint.com
  4. justinhechtphd.com
  5. docktime.net
  6. hbcomputerservices.com
  7. warrendotz.com
  8. strikerscoffee.com
  9. online.plcprint.com



  • Theme Installation
  • User Interface Design
  • SIte Maintenance